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Gina is known as a local photographer, entrepreneur, and COO of Photowalk Your Travel. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Joe, and lives in Nashville with him and her pup, Parma. She graduated from Emerson College where she studied media arts and television production and interned in Hollywood working for the Conan O'Brien Show. Looking to leave LA, she then began working in the hospitality industry working on luxury river cruises, managing the tours for the guests on board. After years of traveling, she craved staying on land and started her photography business, Gina Co. Photography. She has photographed weddings, seniors, professionals, & families before finding her true passion for the Photowalk Tour business. She figured out she could combine her love of two industries and her tour business of Nash Bash Experiences was born. After meeting Christy at an Airbnb Experiences event, they decided to partner and create Photowalk Your Travel to serve clients from around the world, introducing them to a new city while capturing memorable shots worthy of posting and saving. 

Gina's clients say they love how calm and confident she makes them feel in front of the camera.

Connecting with all kinds of people, making them feel confident in front of the camera is Gina's favorite part of her job. Her goal is to make any experience with her the highlight of your day.


Christy Hunter is most well known as a Nashville photographer, influencer, petite style icon, and #1 Airbnb Experience Host. A leader in her industry, she has 10 years of experience specializing in weddings, fashion, and portraits. Christy has worked with numerous designers, (Any Old Iron, Eric Adler, Truly Alverenga, Rank and Sugar, Laura Citron, Lily Guilder) models, and as a wedding and event photographer at Nashville Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, The Dove Awards, and The Music Biz Conference. Her work has been featured in Nashville Scene, The London Guardian, Thrillist, and Nashville Lifestyles.

In June of 2018, she started the Airbnb Experience Photowalk Nashville, taking guests from all over the world on a photoshoot/tour to the trendy hot spots.  The Experience rose to #1 in 3 months and she is currently the Nashville Experience Host Leader, facilitating the Airbnb Experience Host community.  

Clients claim they they feel confident and empowered after working with Christy, as she gives direction and ideas to the shoots.

A mother of 4, entrepreneur, Nashville influencer, and board member of Fashion Is For Everybody, Christy stays 
involved in Nashville happenings and shares her love of the city through speaking events and podcast interviews.


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I started a photography business about ten years ago with portraits, weddings, and fashion being my primary focus. As I was out and about working with clients and finding locations, I saw the increase in tourists coming to The Gulch to take photos at the murals. I began to develop an idea that I could create an experience for them that would provide them with more than just a cell phone shot. I wanted to be able to show them Nashville through my eyes, and also do a real photoshoot with them, capturing memories they would always value. 

During a late-night editing session in 2018, I got distracted, dreaming of a trip to Europe and was exploring Airbnb.com. I had never even stayed at an Airbnb! Then something caught my eye on their website: There was a photographer in Paris who was taking photos of a couple in front of all the iconic places there. I got goosebumps and thought, “That’s me! That’s what I’m supposed to be doing in Nashville! This is the way to do that thing I’ve been trying to figure out in my head!” So I looked on the website, found a contact email, and asked them how I can do a photo experience in Nashville. I received a response a few days later. They told me Airbnb Experiences in Nashville would be launched in a few weeks and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. Within three months my experience was number one on the platform—and still is. 

We have since transitioned into the brand Photowalk Nashville and have recently launched in Scottsdale, AZ in 2022, morphing the brand into Photowalk Your Travel, with future launches in the works.

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This isn't just a photoshoot- it's an EXPERIENCE.  It's our mission to make you feel like a million dollars by the time you leave us. Don't worry about posing, we walk you through every minute.  We believe everyone should have photos of them that they LOVE and we're here to help you look and feel your best.

We are our own worst critics - we're guilty of it, too.  When you look back at these photos we want you to remember the fun you had on this adventure, not worry about the small stuff no one else notices.  This is a no stress photoshoot -  so let's just have fun!!

We're here to help you shift your

Gina Palmeri


Co-Owner and COO

"We are obsessed with what we do.  We live, breathe, even eat Photowalk.  We are constantly thinking of new experiences for our guests on how we can be the highlight of their trip.  We really have the best jobs in the world and are so incredibly grateful to everyone who comes on Photowalk with us."

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