7 Epic Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday in Nashville

Nashville, often hailed as the “Music City,” isn’t just a destination for honky-tonk tunes and cowboy boots; it’s also the ultimate destination for a 21st birthday celebration. Turning 21 is a significant milestone and what better place to embrace this newfound freedom than Nashville? With its vibrant nightlife, legendary live music scene, and a plethora of unique attractions, the city offers an unbeatable setting for an unforgettable birthday bash. In this blog post, we’ll give you a list of Nashville’s birthday ideas for a memorable 21st celebration.  So, grab your friends, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for an extraordinary celebration in the heart of Tennessee!

1. A Photowalk Experience

21st Birthday Celebration in Nashville
21st Birthday in Nashville
Rooftop Champagne Pop with Photowalk Nashville

Photowalk Nashville will make your 21st Birthday celebration unforgettable with a photoshoot and walking tour to celebrate you and your friends! Their team of professional photographers and insider hosts take you to all the best photo spots in town and take your photos for you while hyping you up and posing you and your friends.  At the end, you can add on a super fun ‘champagne pop’ where you pop and spray champagne to get those incredible photos in front of the Nashville skyline.  Talk about an epic way to celebrate your 21st – a must do in Nashville!

We recommend booking a Private Nashville Insider Tour and Photoshoot for your 21st!

2. Private Shopping Tour with Beve Boutiques

Beve Boutiques 21st birthday in nashville
Photo Cred: Beve Boutique

On this fun shopping tour, you’ll be taken on a luxury bus where you’ll sip on mimosas and be driven around to all the best stores and boutiques in town.  Your personal guide will bring you to special places where you can shop for unique clothes you’ll only find in Nashville.  It’s a super fun activity, especially if you’re bringing friends and family on your trip!

3. Ride a Pedal Tavern

Nashville Pedal Tavern.  21st birthday activities.
Photo Cred: Nashville Pedal Tavern

Gather your friends for a unique and lively experience on a Nashville Pedal Tavern Tour. Cruise through the city streets while enjoying drinks, music, and laughter with your own pedal-powered party! (keep in mind it’s 21+ and BYOB) 

4. Go Duckpin Bowling at Pins Mechanical

Duck Bowling and Yard Games at Pins Mechanical.  21st birthday party in nashville idea
Photo Cred: Pins Mechanical

Pins Mechanical is an arcade bar with duckpin bowling and lawn games!  Grab a beer and play skeeball, pong, and bowl with your friends if you’re wanting something a little more chill than Broadway and honky tonks. 

5. Do a Whiskey Tasting!

Nashville Whiskey Tasting.  21st birthday idea in nashville

Tennessee is known for its whiskey, so why not take advantage of being legally able to drink with a fun Whiskey Tour!

Nelson’s Green Brier hosts daily tastings to try their products as well as tours and lunch options on site and is a perfect way to celebrate your 21st birthday in Nashville. 

Or take a road trip to Lynchburg, TN to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and take a tour with a tasting.  Along the way, stop at Uncle Nearest’s for a full day of Whiskey tasting! Just make sure to designate a DD.

6. Make your Own Cocktail at the Liquor Lab

Cocktail 'Mixology' Class with Liquor Lab.  21st birthday idea in Nashville
Photo Cred: Liquor Lab

The Liquor Lab is a fun cocktail making experience downtown.  Experiences range so you can choose from different themed cocktails and your host will walk you through how to make your speciality drinks.  This is the perfect group activity, making it a great Nashville birthday party idea. Food and three cocktails are included in your ticket price!

7. Get a cute Airbnb like Nashville Dollhouse

Nashville Dollhouse AirBnB.  21st birthday in nashville
Photo cred: Nashville Dollhouse
Nashful Events.  21st birthday in nashville
Photo Cred: Photowalk Nashville featuring Nashfull Events

Skip Broadway, order in pizza and have some sleepover fun!  Hire Nashfull Events to stock your fridge and decorate for the birthday girl! And if you want help with a full itinerary, hire Social Bliss Events to plan the whole weekend for you!

Nashville has so much to offer to make your 21st Birthday memorable!  From a personalized Photowalk experience to a private shopping tour, mix and match these activities for an unforgettable Nashville birthday weekend. We promise you won’t regret it.

February 3, 2024

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