Ultimate Nashville Mural Guide and Insta-Worthy Photo Ops List

Nobody ever called Nashville a quiet city, and the only thing louder than its honky tonks may be its street art scene. From the Gulch’s Instagram-worthy wings to the mural lined streets of 12 South, no doubt we’ve got some of the best murals in the country! With 30+ murals dotting the streets of Nashville, we can help you find the best ones in the neighborhoods you’re likely already exploring and guide you through a Nashville mural tour. 

And if you want us to take you to these murals PLUS take your professional photos in front of them, then book a Photowalk Experience with Photowalk Nashville!  We’ll take you to these famous murals and you’ll have high quality photos like no one else’s.

The Best Way to See Nashville’s Murals

Do-it-yourself Nashville Mural Tour

  • Use our guide and head out on your own mural tour in Nashville.  Explore the neighborhoods and appreciate the beautiful art while checking out some of the hottest Nashville photo spots. 
  • Pros: Cost Effective and explore at your own pace.
  • Cons: Missing insider information about the murals and neighborhood.  You’ll have to ask a stranger to take a photo of you.  You won’t receive posing guidance or professional photos.

Photowalk Experience

  • Come with us on an interactive walking tour and photoshoot in either of these neighborhoods while we show you where the murals are, tell you insider information about the neighborhood and city, and take your professional photos while providing posing direction and hyping you and your group up for a fun experience!
  • We recommend our Nashville Insider Tour and Photoshoot to explore the Gulch murals and our 12 South Mural Photowalk to explore the murals in the 12 South Neighborhood.

12 South Murals

12 South Mural Map
12 South Nashville Mural Map

12 South is a charming neighborhood about 10 minutes south of downtown.  It is mainly residential but has a bustling main street (12th Avenue South) with boutiques, restaurants, and lots of murals!  Here are some of the famous murals in 12 South.

“I Believe in Nashville” Mural

I Believe in Nashville Mural

Start off checking out the most iconic mural in 12 South, the “I Believe in Nashville” mural.  This patriotic mural is a must see right in the heart of the 12 South Neighborhood and is the absolute must have photo when you come to Nashville.  Located right next to Draper James!

“Nashville Looks Good on You” mural

Nashville Looks Good On You Mural

The “Nashville looks good on you” mural is a little more hidden. It’s become an icon amongst locals and visitors alike and is a go-to picture perfect photo opt right behind Frothy Monkey.  Follow them on insta @thenash.tn.

Revive Nashville Mural

Revive Nashville Mural

Revive Nashville’s warm toned mural is a showstopper in the heart of 12 South. Its bright colors and detailed graphics is an awesome background to your insta-worthy photos to share with your friends and family.  Revive is a non-profit organization whose mission is to clean up the Cumberland River.  This mural was painted by Mobe Oner, a well known mural artist.

Draper James Murals

Draper James Mural
Draper James Mural

What better place to snap some photos other than Draper James? This store owned by Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate staple for southern style clothing and accessories. Grab a cute pic on their bench and blue and white striped wall mural.

Bottoms Up Mural

Bottoms Up Nashville

A new fun mural on the side of Bottle Cap restaurant, the Bottoms Up Mural was commissioned by the female owned Bev company – they make sugar-free canned wine. 

UAL Shop Mural

UAL Shop Mural

A fan favorite, this Nashville mural is bright, colorful and is located on the side of the UAL shop.  It can be a little hard to find! Book a Photowalk Nashville experience and we’ll help you find it. 😉

“Make Music Not War” Mural

Make Music, Not War Mural

“Make Music Not War” is a statement piece that will become a timeless photo in your Insta feed. Located right on the restaurant Epice.

“Music City Looks Pretty” Mural

Looking Pretty, Music City

The “Music City Looks Pretty” mural is an insta-worthy photo opt waiting to happen.  This is the Madewell mural and was painted with high school students to benefit the Metro Nashville School System and can be found on the side of the Madewell store.

Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy Mural

The pink flowers are great for photos and can be found on the side of Love Shack Fancy as you enter 12 South. 

The Gulch Murals

The Gulch Mural Map
The Gulch Nashville Mural Map

The Gulch is one of our newest, most modern trendy neighborhoods adjacent to downtown Nashville.  Here, we have colorful murals and high end shopping opportunities, making it a great place to spend the afternoon.

The Nashville Wings Mural

What Lifts You Mural

The Nashville Wings mural is the most popular Nashville murals to take your photo with!  It’s painted by Kelsey Montague – who is an extremely talented artist with murals all around the world.  We’re lucky to have multiple murals by her in Nashville, and an Airbnb she customized with her art as well.  We absolutely love Kelsey and appreciate her bringing beautiful art to our city!  There’s even a tiny Wings for dogs and babies!

*There is usually a line for this mural that can be upwards of a 30 minute wait to take photos, especially on the weekends.

Jason Woodside Mural

Jason Woodside Mural

The color Jason Woodside mural on Laurel Street/11th Ave South is a bright and colorful spot for photos! 

Kelsey Montague Mural at the W Hotel

Kelsey Montague Mural

This is another Kelsey Montague mural which we love so much! It is hidden on the side of the W Hotel in the Gulch.  It’s bright colors showcase our Nashville skyline and all things Music City!  Come get your photo by the road to Nashville!

“Nashville Stole My Heart” Mural in Kittenish

Nashville Stole My Heart

The Nashville Stole My Heart Mural is located in Kittenish.  We love that you can hold onto the strings on the heart balloons in this one!  Snap a photo and then shop their cute clothing!  They also have the famous “You’re Like Really Pretty” Flower wall!

“You’re Like Really Pretty” Flower Wall in Kittenish

You're Like Really Pretty Wall in Kittenish

“Nshvlli” Mural


Our “Nshvlli” Mural by Newman Adam Art is located on the side of Stock and Barrel in the Gulch and is a classic staple for your Instagram!  Snap a photo and then grab a burger at Stock and Barrel.

Winky Lux Flower Backdrop

Flowers in Winky Lux

The flower backdrop is located in Winky Lux, an incredible makeup store known for their PH changing lip balms.  They have multiple photo spots here to take photos in front of, and this is where we meet for our Photowalk Experiences.

Winky Lux Light Tunnel + Lavender Haze Room

Winky Lux Light Tunnel

The light tunnel is also in Winky Lux, which makes for some epic photos! And they even have a special Lavender Haze room!  *Guests with Photowalk can take photos with all their installations plus a 15% discount on all products!

Jimmy Hendrix Mural

The Jimmy Hendrix mural by Bryan Deese is on the side of the W Hotel and makes for an epic Nashville photo spot for music lovers!

Rooftop Champagne Pop with Photowalk Nashville

Rooftop Champagne Pop

Last but not least, our epic rooftop skyline photo spot is exclusively for Photowalk Nashville Guests.  Add on a champagne pop to spray and celebrate for fun photos of you and your group in front of the Nashville Skyline!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful murals Nashville has to offer and take some fun photos while you’re in town!  

With Photowalk Nashville, we take your photos for you on professional cameras while giving you a tour of these neighborhoods.  This way, you don’t have to ask a stranger to take a photo of you (that you might not even like!).  We bring the poses, the hype and the fun – so come do a Photowalk Experience with us!  Book online at photowalknashville.com.

February 10, 2024

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