The Ultimate Nashville Senior Pictures Experience

 with Epic Skyline Views

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High School and College Seniors Who Want Fun and Unique Pictures in Nashville

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Senior Pictures Experience
with Epic Nashville Skyline Views

What's Included...


Nashville is the Ultimate Senior Portrait Destination. Whether you're a local or coming to Nashville just for your senior pics, we are here to give you the BEST senior portrait experience unlike anyone else's. 

The Nashville Riverfront includes the iconic Pedestrian Bridge, Nissan Stadium, Nashville Skyline, Cumberland River & Riverfront Park

1 Hour Private Photoshoot at the Nashville Riverfront

Change up your look halfway through your session so you'll have a variety of photos from your session!


When it comes to posing, we've got you!  We walk you through the entire session so no need to worry.  We'll make you feel like a model in front of the camera and have fun with it!

Posing Ideas & Direction


That's right- all your photos are included! We'll send you a link to your online gallery where you can download your photos right to your phone or computer within 1 week.

100+ Digital Photos in an Online Gallery All Included!


2 Outfit Changes

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Where to start

First things first is to book your session using the link on this page.  We make it super easy to book your time slot (just note, the start time may change slightly due to sunset on that particular day.)  

Then, it's time to get excited!  Simply pick out your favorite outfits and get ready to have some fun.  We do recommend fresh hair, makeup, and nails for your session. 

You'll receive a confirmation message email with the specifics for meeting location and anything else you need to know ahead of time. 



Choosing outfits for your session can help you get excited and is a chance for you to show off your unique style.  We recommend bringing 2 outfits that reflect your personality and that you feel comfortable and yourself in.

Pops of color work best while pure white and busy patterns don't look as great on camera.

Add on the famous murals to your session!

The BIGGEST and most important thing that we want you to know about your shoot day is this: We are going to guide you through the whole thing the entire time.  You don't need to have any posing or modeling experience. Part of your investment in your senior portraits is our experience and ability to pose you and make you look (and feel!) your absolute best. They don't call us the "Posing Queens' for nothing! So, there’s no reason to be nervous at all! We will guide you through every single pose and we promise the BIGGEST compliment we get from seniors is that we make it so easy and fun.  

If you want the full Nashville experience, add on an extra 30 minutes in the trendy Gulch Neighborhood (approx. 15 minutes away) where we'll take more photos of your in an additional outfit in front of Nashville's famous murals + super cute boutiques we partner with.

This is such a fan favorite and will set your photos apart even more!

Add on can be booked at checkout and is an additional $250. Transportation not included. 

What Makes This Different

Than a regular ole' senior portrait session...


Nashville is the Ultimate Senior Portrait Destination. Whether you're a local or coming to Nashville just for your senior pics, we are here to give you the BEST senior portrait experience unlike anyone else's. 

If you're from out of town, how cool is it to have senior pictures unlike any of your friends? Make a trip of it and explore our amazing city while capturing this exciting year.

Photos Like No One Else's


We are a small, woman owned business with a team of amazing professional photographers who have years of experience, are award winning, have been published in multiple publications, and most of all- are fun!

We want this to be a fun, engaging and empowering session.  We bring the hype to boost your confidence and make you feel incredible during your photoshoot while also having a great time!


We don't upsell for your digital images like some other photographers.  The price you pay is all inclusive for the session and your online gallery of digital images.  The only additional charge would be for prints or a senior album book if you'd like to purchase them after the session. 

Fun, professional, award winning Photographers

All Your Photos are Included!

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Location Examples

We curated our locations for the best photos from our professional opinion and experience.  Here is the 'vibe' of photos to expect from your session, although every session has its own unique flair depending on light, weather, and season. 

Nashville Riverfront

including the iconic Pedestrian Bridge, Nissan Stadium, Nashville Skyline, Cumberland River & Riverfront Park

Nature + Floral 

Add On Experience

Nashville famous Murals + photo ops in The Gulch

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Additional 30 Minutes + 1 More Outfit Change
$250  (Add on at checkout)

Who to Bring With You

We recommend that at least one parent or guardian joins us for your senior session. But, whether they join us for the entire shoot or wait in the car is totally up to you. The most important thing to think about is what will make you feel the most COMFORTABLE in front of the camera. If you tend to be more shy and will feel awkward having your mom or dad watching the entire time…we can ask them to wait in the car. If you LOVE having a hype squad and want everyone to follow us as we shoot…let’s do it! It's also sometimes helpful to have someone there as an extra help with your outfit/hair. 

We just ask that we are still able to keep your images as the top priority with minimal distractions. Bringing a large group of friends or family can sometimes mean that you get distracted while in front of the camera…and that can mean you don’t get as many images or time is taken away from shooting. So, we recommend only bringing 1-2 people along…this ensures it won’t take away from your focus as we shoot! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nashville weather can be very unpredictable!  Because the weather can change on a dime, we wait until the day of the session to make a weather call.  

If there is a high chance of rain and we know the session will not be up to the quality that we want for you because of the weather, we will offer every possible rescheduling opportunity.

We have a lot of seniors who get worried about cloudy days because they think their images won't be as bright and beautiful...but rest assured, that's not true!! Cloudy days are actually AMAZING for photographers...because it means there are no harsh shadows!! Unless it is a seriously grey day with heavy fog or severe storm clouds...cloudy days are our friend!! AND they aren't as hot!! 

Where am I going to change my clothes?

Typically, our seniors choose to change their outfits in the car or one of our cars.  There is a public restroom at the riverfront, but sometimes it's unreliable. I recommend trying to organize your outfits + accessories ahead of time to make this process super quick and easy.  We also have a changing tent we can bring if requested!

Privacy Policy 

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